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Edmonton and the Intern

This summer I had the pleasure to be a photography intern for Tanner Young Publishing Group, where the magazines WHERE Edmonton, Edmonton City Guide, and others tourism magazines are created! Check the out the upcoming publications for some of my photographs!!

Before this internship, I had a pretty close minded view of Edmonton. I would describe it as Deadmonton to foreigners. I didn't really connect with the great city of ours. However, as I went out and photographed the festivals, events, and the individuals of Edmonton, I started to understand why it's an amazing city. I saw the multiculturalism, passion, uniqueness that exists within the city limits. I am very blessed and proud to be an Edmontonian. It took me 19 years to see how much potential and energy Edmonton has, but it's better later than never!

Below are some of the photographs I've captured. Some are used for the magazines, some are street photos, some are just random photographs that I like but they share one thing in common: they made me fall in love with this incredible city.

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