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What the F is Inspiration?

What the F is Inspiration?

Being in the creative world requires a lot of energy, passion, and inspiration. However, inspiration is hard to gather, or would come at the wrong time. I watched a TEDTalk about that moment of inspiration, a creative rush that hits you at certain times. You could be in a field, farming or on a bus at rush hour, or just waiting in your studio for that moment to hit. That rush is called a "genius". This concept dates back to Ancient Rome and Greece, where geniuses were described as fairies/spirits that fly around, looking for a creative person to co-exist with for a time being. However, geniuses aren't cooperative or come at the wrong time. So, whenever you get a rush of inspiration, but you can't put it down on your medium, or you're driving on a highway, unable to write it down, that genius is being difficult. The link to the TEDTalk is here if you're interested!

How the F can I get Inspiration?

I can't answer that for you. There is not set formula for inspiration. I still don't know how I get inspired.

I mean listening to new music always helps. The new energy, beat, lyrics fires up my creative neurons and set off a wild fire of ideas. However that's not always the case.

Here's a new song by Feist, called Pleasure if you want to give it a try!

Another source of inspiration that I like is fashion. It is always fun to see new, creative, outfits and how they fit on people. I have some fashion books at home that I look through regularly, called The Sartorialist: Closer by Scott Schuman. He photographs people on the street that have outfits on that interests him. Sometime the simplest looks inspires me. Link to the book is here!

I also love going to new cafes and places. The new atmosphere and energy always awaken my eyes to something new. The new tastes, faces and interactions; the new sensory experiences starts to open my mind. In Edmotnon, I love to visit Square One Coffee, Lock Stock Coffee, and I am planning to visit Iconoclast Coffee Roasters!

Also, play around with different mediums. Doodle, paint, photograph, make a snowman; anything that isn't your regular medium. I usually doodle on a scrap paper. Playing around with a new medium will give your brain a break and it would force you to think differently.

F-ing Advice around Inspiration?

I can't stress this enough: don't sit around and wait for that genius to hit you. Do something. Be your own catalyst for your creative career. I am talking from experience too.

Last summer, I was not inspired at all. I thought " It's fine it'll hit me" and in that time I did nothing. I moped around, stayed on my phone the whole time. That took a huge toll on my mental health. I started to isolate myself because I just was not having it. Luckily, I saw that I was in this slump, so I called people up and shot. I needed to be up and moving to feel my best.

Also know what kind of people recharge and drain your energy. You can't surround yourself with people that you don't feel 100%. Learn that you deserve better.

Happy Sunday my loves. Here are some more music and things to look at for inspiration!



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