Character Study: Jamie Tameta

I first "met" Jamie in high school, but we were a different year and belonged to different friend groups, so we didn't interact much. I followed her on Instagram in and I was envy of her artistry skills. She would post projects she's working on, her style, and her photography; she seemed very cool. She had the minimalist look which I love but I am too lazy to commit to. Jamie was too cool for me to interact with haha. This semester, we have an assignment where we need to work on my branding for my photography. I wanted to get a logo, but I didn't know any designers expect for Jamie and since we were both students, I thought we could do a skill trade. I contacted her in January, asking if sh

Music Sundays

Since so much of my work is inspired by music, I thought it was would be fun to start a minor blog project called Music Sundays! Every second Sunday, I will be posting songs that I found in the previous weeks that are my jams! There is no set genre, tone, time, or artists that I will be focusing on so everyone will enjoy, regardless of taste in music. Let's celebrate our love for music. Recently I have found: Prototype by Vikotoria Modesta Don't Kill My Vibe by Sigrid Phone Down by Lost Kings Living Out Loud by Brooke Candy Full Swing by AluanaGeorge Comme Un Enfant by Yelle Humans Become Machines by Aristophanes Advice by Kehlani Criminal by Fiona Apple Tribes by Beach Season P.O.W.A. by M

Character Study: Elise Jason

I am so lucky to have such a beautiful soul for a friend. Elise is so accepting of all of my ideas and concepts. If I ask them to model for me, they would respond with "HECK YEAH!" I met Elise in junior high school, where we were in the production of Throughly Modern Millie. We didn't really interact much since we were in different years and teams. When my school put on The Threepenny Opera, we started to work together and became friends. One of my favourite memories of Elise is when she was spray painting a dragon puppet for Shrek the Musical, I painted "Fuck me up" on the dragon (I know, I know, I was such a little shit back then haha). Elise just laughed and then just painted over it. Eli


The photographs above from my thesis Crevice. This was a personal topic, where I explored different parts of my identity. I wanted to confront myself because I saw myself fleeing away from myself and my problems. Watch the video and see the other photographs in the following link:

hasselblad portraits

I was lucky enough to shoot some film on the Hasselblad 500 C/W at NAIT! My classmates and instructor were lovely enough to model and pose for me. I think I am drawn to film because I find everything so instant and we lose the connection we have with the photographs itself. Everything just pops up right away when we shoot and we are able to edit the second after. Photography is accessible and easy enough that anyone is capable of picking up a camera and get amazing photographs. However with film, you really have to know your shit and build a relationship with the trade of shooting, developing, and printing. You don't have the unlimited space to shoot, you can't check the images during a ses

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