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Japan; the Electric yet Gentle

The land of Japan is breathtaking. The architecture, landscapes, food, art, fashion, and history were all amazing and deep sources of inspiration. Everywhere I went, from Kyoto to Koyasan, I felt the need to document everything. But one of the biggest sources of inspiration was the Japanese people. The way they interact with the world, live, and their perspective on the world is nothing but ethereal.

They put so much effort in everything they create and do. They don't put themselves above of nature, but simply co-exist with nature respectfully. They are strong, respectful, and mindful people. They take so much pride in everything do. Maybe I am over-hyping the culture that I experienced since I am not a part of their lives, but in comparison to Western cultures, I am quite embarrassed of how we live. Japanese people have gave me a new outlook on how to live, create, and interact with the world. Below is the link to my gallery of street and landscape photographs from my trip. I hope I have captured the electricfying yet gentle essence of the people that I have experienced.

I hope you enjoy the photographs from my trip. Thank you.

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