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Music Sundays

Since so much of my work is inspired by music, I thought it was would be fun to start a minor blog project called Music Sundays!

Every second Sunday, I will be posting songs that I found in the previous weeks that are my jams! There is no set genre, tone, time, or artists that I will be focusing on so everyone will enjoy, regardless of taste in music. Let's celebrate our love for music.

Recently I have found:

Prototype by Vikotoria Modesta

Don't Kill My Vibe by Sigrid

Phone Down by Lost Kings

Living Out Loud by Brooke Candy

Full Swing by AluanaGeorge

Comme Un Enfant by Yelle

Humans Become Machines by Aristophanes

Advice by Kehlani

Criminal by Fiona Apple

Tribes by Beach Season

P.O.W.A. by M.I.A.

212 by Azealia Banks

The Night We Danced Without Care by Circ

Tightrope by LPX

Pretty Lovers by Client Liasion

That is my list for the first Music Sunday! I am always open to hear music recommendations, so send me some! I am thinking about making a Spotify account so I can link to the posts so you can see the playlists I made with the music I've gathered! Have a good couple weeks, and see you next time!

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