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5 Goals of Summer

Since I graduate in 4 weeks (honestly i'm not sure if that's the right time frame), I thought it would be helpful if I shared my 5 goals relating photography for May-August. I won't do something unless I talk to someone about it or share it; it holds me accountable and motivates me to work.

1. Find a studio space: I cannot work at home. I get super distracted by chores, errands, family members, Netflix (my greatest guilty pleasure). I need a place where I can go and work without those distractions. A place where those distractions does not exist. A new slate in a way..

2. Send my portfolio out: I really need to get my name out there. Social media is good but our attention spans on the platforms shortens to 2 seconds or less. I'm going to send my portfolio to agencies, editors and art directors, companies; people in the publishing world. I need to make an impact on people and find work, and to achieve that, I need to send my work out. I also want to send it to people/companies that I idolize because why the hell not. They probably won't even look at my work, but hey, at least I tried right?

3. Never stop creating: Last May-August, I fell in this weird nebula where I felt stuck and unvalued. It really affected my mental health, and I need to avoid that. To combat that, I need to create on a daily basis. The medium does not matter. Painting, drawing, poetry, photography; as long I am creating. Something that nurtures that voice I have inside of me.

4. Reach out to others: I need to build a strong network system of artists, other photographers, and creative individuals. There are so much to learn, see, and understand in the world; it would be foolish of me to not chase the endless possibilities that are out there. Whether in a creative or emotional or physical sense, everyone has something to offer to me and improve my photography and my life.

5. Stay in touch with friends: I am so bad with staying in touch. It's hard to. If I don't see someone on a daily basis, I do not remember to connect with them. My friends from NAIT are such a huge source of inspiration for me and pushed me to my limits. It would be a great shame to loose that community I've felt with them. So I am going to try my damn hardest to stay in touch with my friends. They hold such a special place in my heart. Without them, I wouldn't be whole.

As school comes to a close end, I realize how lucky I am to be included with such a group of creative people. They created me into who I am today, and I am forever grateful for their stories and influences. I wouldn't know where I would be without them.

As an assignment, we had to post on social media to get our names out there and tag it with #naitphototech2017. Check out their work here! I am so proud to be a part of this class.

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