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Character Study: Jamie Tameta

I first "met" Jamie in high school, but we were a different year and belonged to different friend groups, so we didn't interact much. I followed her on Instagram in and I was envy of her artistry skills. She would post projects she's working on, her style, and her photography; she seemed very cool. She had the minimalist look which I love but I am too lazy to commit to. Jamie was too cool for me to interact with haha.

This semester, we have an assignment where we need to work on my branding for my photography. I wanted to get a logo, but I didn't know any designers expect for Jamie and since we were both students, I thought we could do a skill trade. I contacted her in January, asking if she could design a logo for me and I could photograph her. From her response, I immediately felt the passion she have.

She was on the ball with the logo, sending me drafts within 4 days. She took what I envisioned and created it. She even took the intuitive to create a business card template for me. I can really tell she really enjoys and cares about her work. It is truly hard to find that kind of energy within someone's work.

Jamie asked me to capture some portraits of her with Minimalism as the main element, and the session was so much fun. We did some in studio portraits, but when I brought Jamie to a studio, we passed a common area with really cool design elements and she said "Oh I love this space!" so we went back to capture some portraits. It just felt super refreshing to be with her.

Below are the more photographs from the session! Check out her work on her Instagram here!

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