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hasselblad portraits

I was lucky enough to shoot some film on the Hasselblad 500 C/W at NAIT! My classmates and instructor were lovely enough to model and pose for me.

I think I am drawn to film because I find everything so instant and we lose the connection we have with the photographs itself. Everything just pops up right away when we shoot and we are able to edit the second after. Photography is accessible and easy enough that anyone is capable of picking up a camera and get amazing photographs. However with film, you really have to know your shit and build a relationship with the trade of shooting, developing, and printing. You don't have the unlimited space to shoot, you can't check the images during a session and see how the photographs are turning out. I find this limitation therapeutic. It really forces me to step back, see what I can do and can't do, and build the trust between myself and the trade of photography. I am excited to print these photographs in the following week.

I hope you enjoy the portraits I've created.

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